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“Connecting broadly is meaningless unless you connect deeply.”
— Tiffany Shlain

Traces.Dreams is a place on the web for people interested in the past, passionate about the present, and curious about the future. Here you can find inspiration through a multidisciplinary and multi-regional perspective. Our vision is to make the big questions and dreams of today’s researchers visible to anyone with an interest. We interview researchers from different disciplines around the world to get their perspective on their work, their views on life, their “whys”, their motivations, and their wishes.

Our purpose is to gather and spread their wisdom across the globe. We believe in the transformational power of stories, and we know that if we tell each other what we are working towards, it will be the first step towards our vision becoming a reality. Our ultimate goal is to promote global peace and understanding by celebrating our common human experience, and building an ethical future.

Our mission is to celebrate research, help academics tell their stories, and build learning  across borders; whether they be barriers in language, knowledge, religions or education.

Ultimately, we believe there is no stronger power than our dreams and our hopes.

The team

Profile image of Nerina Finetto

Nerina Finetto


Moses Muriithi

Video captioner

Andrey Solodov

Community manager

Dylan Möller

Web developer

Our ambassadors

Marianna Loizzi

Marianna Loizzi

Nada Al-Hudaid

Nada Al-Hudaid