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#followup with Paul Mason

Last year, we spoke to the medical anthropologist Paul Mason who told up about his research on tuberculosis. On the occasion of the World Tuberculosis Day, 24 March 2018, we spoke with …

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Introducing the World Sustainable Development Forum

Few would disagree that there’s growing evidence showing the terrible impact of climate change on our planet, but what exactly is being done about it? Although the Paris Climate Agreement …

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#followup with Maria de Lourdes Peréz Cruz

Last year, we spoke to Professor Maria de Lourdes Peréz Cruz about her work on hypertext and interactive narratives, and the implications of new technologies on traditional storytelling structures. Recently, …

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#followup with Abdeslam Badre

Abdeslam Badre is a social scientist with a strong research interest in Policy Development in the fields of Gender, Youth, and Higher Education and Professional Leadership; Transformational Political Economy; Migration; …

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#followup with Pavel Himl

We spoke with Pavel last year, in one of our first ever interviews for Traces.Dreams. He is an historian based in Prague. Last time, he explained to us about the …

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New video concerning The Global State of Young Scientists released

Watch our video about the amazing project The Global State of Young Scientists (GloSYS), a research project initiated by the Global Young Academy investigating the community of young scientists in and …

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