Education can and will change the world. Interdisciplinarity and narrative literacy are key to imagining and developing a more equal and sustainable society.

We believe life-long education is needed for all. An interdisciplinary approach allows us to nurture new ideas and foster new skills by connecting the dots in our increasingly complex world. By crossing disciplinary boundaries, we enable cross-fertilisation of approaches from the sciences, humanities and arts, bringing together reason, intuition and emotion.


Most intellectual training focuses on analytical skills. Whether in literary criticism or scientific investigation, the academic mind is best at taking things apart. The complementary arts of integration are far less well developed. This problem is at the core of human ecology. As with any interdisciplinary pursuit, it is the bridging across disparate ways of knowing that is the constant challenge

Richard J. Borden


In the longer run and for wide-reaching issues, more creative solutions tend to come from imaginative interdisciplinary collaboration.

Robert J. Shiller

Learn with us to think outside your tribe, see new possibilities for our future, and develop the skills to tell and share your story. We believe not only that the world needs new narratives, but that narrative and storytelling literacy are key to imagining and developing a more equal and sustainable society. Our purpose is to democratize narrative and the power to imagine the future.

Here some of the workshops that we offer.

The power of narrative. Policies, Politics and Pandemics.

We need to listen more to scientists, we say. Politicians need to collaborate more with researchers, we say. But who is listening? Who is speaking? Can we understand how to do it better?

The power of content. From creation to distribution.

Content creation is an art and a science. Content distribution is an opportunity and a challenge. Society needs to learn from research and researchers need to communicate beyond their field.Learn with us how.

Discovering the world of videos in the age of internet

We have learned to read, write and quote. Texts. Books. Articles. Knowledge sharing in the age of the internet does not stop here. And this is where our course begins; let us learn to locate, interpret, quote, and create videos.

Mobile storytelling

Knowledge sharing at your fingertips. Your mobile device is a powerful content creation machine and social media gives up powerful platforms for content dissemination. Learn with us how to use this power.

The stories we are

The stories we share, the stories we listen to, shape us and the future we create. How are humans storytelling animals? How do stories shape us and our realities? This is an invitation to journey with us into the heart of storytelling.

What is normal?

What is normal? How does normality impact our lives? What would the world look like if we took seriously the idea that normality is not real? These are the questions that Paul Mason asks in his podcast and would like to discuss with you.

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