Education can and will change the world. Interdisciplinarity and narrative literacy are key to imagining and developing a more equal and sustainable society.

We believe life-long education is needed for all.

The stories we are

This is a workshop on narratives and future literacy, for teams, leaders, policy-makers and anyone who wants to learn more about the connections between the past, the present and the future. We will explore the power of stories to imagine and create better futures, and discuss the need to challenge existing narratives, both personal and societal

“If we want a future for all, it cannot be imagined only by some.” Nerina Finetto

How can we use the power of narrative to create a more sustainable and equal future? How can we imagine the future to create a better today?

Our dreams and stories may contain implicit aspects of our lives even without our awareness. In fact, storytelling may be a primary way in which we can linguistically communicate to others—as well as to ourselves—the sometimes hidden contents of our implicitly remembering minds. Stories make available perspectives on the emotional themes of our implicit memory that may otherwise be consciously unavailable to us. This may be one reason why journal writing and intimate communication with others, which are so often narrative processes, have such powerful organizing effects on the mind: They allow us to modulate our emotions and make sense of the world.

Daniel J. Siegel

Future does not necessarily exist in the real world, however it does exist in peoples’ minds as passive and active (motivational) futures. Because it has been shown that future is a constitutive part of our constructing our living, it is a real world influencing force.

Vuokko Jarva


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" There is no stronger power than our dreams and our hopes."   - Nerina Finetto

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