“Each one of you can change the world,
for you are made of star stuff,
and you are connected to the universe.”
— Vera Rubin

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In a world of storytellers, we foster a world of “story listeners.”
In a world of round-the-clock news feeds, we believe in slow content.
In a world divided by walls, we elevate bridges.
In a world of knee-jerk answers, we encourage open-ended questions.
In a world that values certainty, we embrace the inconclusiveness of knowledge.
In a world of friendships at a click, we champion deep connections.
In a world of impenetrable knowledge, we press for accessible entry points.

  • In a world consumed by one dominant narrative, we nurture a multiplicity of voices.

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      " There is no stronger power than our dreams and our hopes."   - Nerina Finetto

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