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Conversation on Value
Hosted by Valeria Maltoni.
Value in economics is like energy in science – they’re expressions of the same thing. Value is energy in its social form. Therefore it is fluid, captures beauty and awe.

Value in Use: The solution to Humanity’s value crisis

In this episode, Valeria talks with Peter Tunjic, an experienced lawyer and commercial law theorist based in Melbourne, Australia.
Organizing corporations around the concept of exchange value is making the planet unlivable. The purpose of Peter’s millennia challenge is to develop a lens capable of predicting the current crisis and offering a safer alternative foundation for corporations, corporate law and corporate governance. He calls it the search for Phi.

Peter Tunjic’s research interests intersect corporate law, theory of value and non-equilibrium thermodynamics. In relating physics to corporate law, Peter supports his analysis and advice to clients with rigorous argument and reason. He also writes contracts. Find him at On Directorship.

Value in Language: “Connecting with Emotion” with Julie Sedivy
Julie Sedivy and Valerina talk about the interplay between language and emotion in creating identity and the value of this connection. "We only realize the value of something after we lose it,” says Julie. There’s an "ebb and flow of language in the mind" with migration. Julie says, “languages are the vehicles of our lives. It’s the means through which we communicate our values, and so on.” Language provides cultural context. Preserving the body of work in ancient Greece wouldn’t have been possible without continuity in language. What are the collective cons(equences) of the loss of cultural texture and nuance?
“Learn a language, gain a soul” because we access different parts of ourselves in different languages. E.g., Personality tests (English and Spanish). A Dutch study (English more competitive, Dutch more collaborative). Exposure to anglophone culture. Early childhood tighter emotional connection.

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In an age when so much content, including media, is limp and lazy when we're appropriate, precise, and thoughtful about the stories we tell we create value.
Christina Patterson is the author of Outside, the Sky is Blue and The Art of Not Falling Apart. While she’s thinking about the next book, she’s building a coaching practice with a related podcast, The Art of Work. (Guests in the current series include former Twitter VP Bruce Daisley, bestselling writer and palliative care consultant, Kathryn Mannix, internationally renowned cellist Steven Isserlis, classicist and bestselling author Mary Beard and T S Eliot-prize-winning poet, Joelle Taylor.)

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“What is value?” is perhaps the most urgent, yet neglected, question of our time.

In the 4th Century BC Aristotle thought the Value Problem concerned the best or most productive use of a thing. Unlike today, he made no distinction between value in use and value in exchange.

Though it is thousands of years old, the Value Problem still matters because it impacts directly the way we live our life, individually and collectively.

Valeria Maltoni is a strategist and linguist at Conversation Agent. Her Alma Mater, the University of Bologna, was founded in 1088 as a cooperative to co-create value in education.

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