Maddalena Bertolla

Maddalena Bertolla
PHD student of physics

The reason I studied physics was to keep my curiosity bright. This same curiosity brought me to face the challenge of a PhD. But the most difficult part is to explain what I actually do, to convey the feeling of what research means. This is the reason why I decided to become a Traces.dreams ambassador, to help widespread the different research activities and hot topics studied by the people I’ve met in the past years.

My research field is quite diverse: from biophysics to physics applied to the textile industry. In my Master’s thesis, I researched the properties of artificial antibodies, called molecular imprinted polymers, to help the detection of biomarkers of diseases such as anemia. In my PhD I investigated a process called interlacing, in order to monitor it online during the industrial production.

What is important for me? To keep on discovering. I want to help connect people with the same desire to investigate the unknown. This way they can improve their job since research is the result of exchanging ideas among people working in different fields.


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