By harnessing the power of narrative, we can imagine and create a positive and sustainable future for our selves, our communities and our world.

Future Narratives is a transnational project involving youth organisations and stakeholders across Europe, co-funded by Erasmus+. Our goal is to engage, connect, and empower young people, enabling their voices and their vision to reach out to policy-makers, public administrations, civil society and other young people all over Europe.

Based on the UNESCO concept of Futures Literacy, the capability to decide why and how to use our imagination to introduce the future into the present, we believe that the power of storytelling can enable us to reimagine our pasts, presents and futures.

Through our digital platform, you can follow our learning journey as we create and curate content on narrative, storytelling and future literacy. We will share knowledge, innovation and dialogue, for young people, youth organisations and all those interested in using narrative to reimagine our future together.

The project was developed by Nerina Finetto and is coordinated by Traces&Dreams. The partners are:


Traces&Dreams is a Sweden-based company specialised in storytelling, narrative, content creation, visual communication and distribution. The Traces&Dreams project aims to improve the dissemination of scientific and humanistic knowledge at an international level, addressed in particular to a non-specialist audience.

Euro Project Lab

Euro Project Lab Srls is a consulting company for strategic development, planning, management and reporting, training on the direct funds of the European Union, with particular reference to the culture, education and training sector. It is the Italian headquarters in Milan of EuAbout Lab ASBL, a non-profit association based in Brussels.

The Federación Andalucía Acoge

The Federación Andalucía Acoge is a Non Profit Social Entity sited in the South of Spain (Andalusia Region) and the City of Ceuta and Melilla (at the North of Morocco). The organisation with national and international scope was founded twenty-five years ago aiming to guarantee rights and security for immigrant people in Spain.

Inter Alia (IA)

Inter Alia (IA) is a not-for-profit private organisation & think-tank, established in March 2013 in Athens, Greece. Inter Alia’s central aim is raising the awareness of EU citizens on available channels for acting, participating & shaping Europe.

Machart GbR

Machart GbR was founded in 1999 with the idea to professionalise social work and to improve the interaction between different people in a playful way. The approach to design and learn through experience pervades the philosophy of Machart.

Möjligheternas Plats

Möjligheternas Plats was founded as a non-profit organisation of enthusiasts from Sollentuna (Sweden) in 2013 and now has a leading position in Stockholm in youth oriented programs.

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