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The power of narrative

“Science will win” is the Pfizer slogan. Science and scientists were and are indeed in the focus of the public discourse during the covid19 pandemic. But how did narratives and the way we communicated about the virus change and influence the outcomes? What lessons can we learn for future communication strategies?

This topic can be delivered as a 30 min speech or as a workshop ( between 2 hours and 2 days seminar). The workshops and seminars are tailored to the specific audience and purposes and can be delivered virtually or in-person. The focus is on the importance of narratives, stories and communication in research. In these sessions, you will wonder about:
  • the power of narratives
  • communication strategies
  • research outreach
  • research and policy

Trees are shaped by the wind but people are shaped by words.

Joan Aitken

Science has always been in conflict with narratives. Judged by the yardstick of science, the majority of them prove to be fables. But to the extent that science does not restrict itself to stating useful regularities and seeks truth, it is obliged to legitimate the rules of its own game.

Jean-François Lyotard

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