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What is Value?

“What is value?” is perhaps the most urgent, yet neglected, question of our time.

In the 4th Century BC Aristotle thought the Value Problem concerned the best or most productive use of a thing. Unlike today, he made no distinction between value in use and value in exchange.

Though it is thousands of years old, the Value Problem still matters because it impacts directly the way we live our life, individually and collectively.

Valeria Maltoni is a strategist and linguist at Conversation Agent. Her Alma Mater, the University of Bologna, was founded in 1088 as a cooperative to co-create value in education.

In the conversation on value podcast series, Maltoni will explore the question of value in language and narrative, commerce and ethics, the internet and much more with professors, researchers, lawyers, and experts in communication, semiotics, and leadership. Together, we’ll engage in the question of what is the best use of a thing, which has been largely lost to history.

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