The Trans Adriatic Pipeline: between myth and reality (Elena Gerebizza)

The Trans Adriatic Pipeline: between myth and reality
Energy and climate campaigner for Re:Common in Rome, Italy
Her most recent focus includes new European financial mechanisms to relaunch … …large-scale energy infrastructure projects, facilitating the expansion of financial markets and the financialization of energy infrastructure.

What are the most environmentally impacting structures in the world right now? Who runs them? What can you do to stop them?
Elena Gerebizza, from Italian organization Re:Common, tells us about the activist movements organized around stopping some of the most environmentally damaging structures taking place at this very moment, and how power and financial monopolies can end up destroying the fragile ecosystems of small town communities across Europe.

With a focus on the social consequences of big companies taking their toll on local European economy, Elena remarks on the importance of sticking together through strategic organization in order to help and improve the lives of many others affected by the finance oriented, and often corrupted, decision making that we see in our countries, our governments, and our everyday life.

Individuals reaching out to one another to secure a sustainable future is the way forward to a society in which everyone’s interests are safe, and Elena tells us how we can achieve that through awareness and collaboration.

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