Episode 12 – Innovation from the Global South

#12 How IoT technology changes farming in Kazakhstan

In this episode of #futureframedTV, podcast number 12 of Innovation from the Global South, Dr. Almas Taj Awan speaks with the founders of QazTracker, a startup based in Kazakhstan that helps farmers to track the health status of cattle and horses in real time, using IoT technology and Machine Learning and revolutionize farming in the country.

The guests are
Dinar Benseitov – CEO and Founder of QazTracker.

Technical background and experience in creating startup projects of more than 8 years. 2 years experience in Fintech Startup. Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Power engineering.
Miras Tursunaliyev co-founder of company. Operates as the chief financial officer due to his professional background. He has worked for several well-known international companies as a financial consultant.
The combined experience and qualifications of the two founders made it possible to have a balanced organizational structure and abilities to look at given problems from different angles.

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