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How can we restore forests to solve climate change?

How can we restore forests to solve climate change? A net-zero future by 2050 with the latest tech and science-based data. This is only important if you cause carbon emissions.

This is the trailer for Podcast Episode #12 of Sustainability@Work. A traces&dreams podcast hosted by Samara Croci.

Today’s podcast guest at Sustainability@Work is Diego Saez-Gil, co-founder CEO of #Pachama, a climate-tech startup that uses AI and remote sensing to verify and monitor carbon capture by forests to help finance conservation and reforestation.

With him we will talk about carbon offsetting projects and markets, how they work, what are the challenges and how a company or any entity can start this journey and monitor their projects.
We will also talk about the science, the technology and the team behind Pachama and how they are creating science-based data to monitor their projects and support reforestation and conservation.

This is a great episode with useful information to plan how to build your own offsetting project and understand how the market works. I hope you will enjoy it.

Here is some information about our guest:

Diego Saez-Gil is Co-founder & CEO of Pachama, a company focused on restoring the forests to solve climate change. Prior to Pachama, Diego co-founded Bluesmart (acquired by TravelPro) and WeHostels (acquired by StudentUniverse). Diego was awarded MIT 35 Under 35 and was selected High Impact Entrepreneur by Endeavor.

Diego was born and raised in the north of Argentina, at the foothills of the Yungas forests. He is descended from indigenous people of South America and European immigrants. At age 25 he left Argentina with the intention of seeing the world, have adventures and make his mark. After a decade of sharpening his tools as a technology entrepreneur, living in Europe, the USA and China, he decided to put all his experience and energy on the mission of mitigating climate change by protecting and restoring nature.
In a twist of life, last year Diego lost his home to the California forest wildfires, a sad consequence of climate change. He is determined to dedicate the rest of his life to work on protecting and restoring nature and help solve climate change.

About Pachama: https://pachama.com/

Great articles from Pachama’s team around carbon emissions and credits on Medium: https://pachamainc.medium.com/

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