Episode 14 of Sustainability@work

How to reach a total resource efficiency.

Physical Assets – always in the flow

This is only important if you and your company own stuff.

Today’s guest at Sustainability@Work is Cecilia Smith, Sr. Solution Engineer at Rheaply and project lead San Francisco partnership. Rheaply is a climate tech company that does resources management and has developed an exchange platform that helps world-leading organizations better visualize and quantify their physical assets.

With Cecilia, we will talk about assets and resources and how to make them discoverable, easily transferable, and more valuable in our global economy. We will also talk about the circular economy and how the perception of what it is changing. We will also talk about the great partnerships that Rheaply recently did with the city of San Francisco and the Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance to develop an online resource exchange platform to enable Bay Area businesses to access building products and other resources efficiently.

The company also recently raised 12 million dollars in capital from investors and is part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

This is a great episode with useful information for companies and for everybody in the building and construction sector. I hope you will enjoy it.

Here is some information about our guest Cecilia Smith,
Sr. Solution Engineer at Rheaply and project lead San Francisco partnership

About Rheaply https://rheaply.com/

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