Episode 2/4 of Sustainability@work

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Welcome to episode 4 of season number two of Sustainability@Work, a traces&dreams podcast, hosted by Samara Croci.

Andrea Bury is this week’s Sustainability@Work guest. Based in Berlin and Marrakech, ABURY is a fair trade lifestyle label that has now expanded to other countries with collaborations with other artisans. Having known Andrea and her story for a long time now I was eager to include her in the podcast for her work on communities, women’s education, and artisans.

Our discussion with Andrea will focus on these topics and also how we can measure social impacts with their long-term and unpredictable but powerful consequences on people. We’ll also discuss the problems with the fashion supply chain. Since Andrea is also a great communicator and a former full-time marketing and PR consultant, we also talked about the power of stories, communications, and creating networks.

As you can see, there is a lot to discuss. Thank you for watching this podcast and we hope you enjoy it!

Here are some details about our guest:

Andrea Bury, ABURY
After an international career as a consultant in marketing and sponsoring (among others Mercedes-Benz, O2, Deutsche Bank), Andrea Bury founded the fair trade lifestyle label ABURY and the ABURY Foundation. ABURY’s goal is to empower women in developing countries. ABURY achieves this by creating jobs for women and through support projects in which women are trained and encouraged to become entrepreneurs themselves. Because sustainability is very close to Andrea’s heart, ABURY is BCorp certified. Based on her own experiences, Andrea built the ABURY Positive Impact Lab, a consultancy with which she supports companies on their way to a more sustainable future. She is co-founder of the design hotel “Riad Anayela” and one of the “Responsible Leaders” of the BMW Foundation.


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