Episode 2 of Sustainability@work

Green recovery spending. Is growth sustainable?

Green recovery spending. Reorienting our economies to industries that will drive future growth.
This is only important if you care about the future post-covid.

Today’s guest at Sustainability@Work is Brian O’Callaghan, Lead Researcher and Project Manager of the Oxford University Economic Recovery Project. He is an Australian Rhodes Scholar, Associate at the Boston Consulting Group, and Consultant at the Robertson Foundation, covering topics in Energy and the Environment.
He is also a consultant to government and business groups on issues relating to energy and climate transitions.

Brian’s core research concerns the economic impacts of fiscal spending. He is particularly interested in the role that green spending initiatives can have in times of economic contraction and in 2020 co-authored the seminal work Will COVID-19 fiscal recovery packages accelerate or retard progress on climate change?

His supplementary research interests include the economics of green hydrogen and methods for reducing perceived risk in renewable energy finance. He is a doctoral candidate at the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, supervised by Professor Cameron Hepburn.

Brian holds a Bachelor of Engineering (University Medal and First Class Honours) and a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance and International Business), both from the University of Sydney.

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