Episode 3 of Sustainability@work

Sustainable fashion - Where can you find it?

The Fun of Fashion without the guilt

This is only important if you buy online

Today’s guest at Sustainability@Work is Iris Skrami of Renoon.

With her, we will talk about the difficulties to find and buy sustainable products and make sense of the numerous interpretations of what is sustainable.

Iris with the start-up she co-founded, Renoon, is trying to solve this problem and to make sustainable fashion easier and more fun, without the guilt and the fuzz.
To do so, they are using a proprietary technology they are developing with a team of engineers, data scientists, and marketers to offer a great platform both to sustainable brands who want to emerge from the chaos on the internet and for consumers who are looking to put their wallet where their values are.

We will talk about the challenges of the fashion industry and about the solution that Renoon offers and how the team is working to define sustainability and to share the stories behind brands and products.
And we will also talk about the marriage of fashion and technology and how this is offering interesting solutions and giving birth to new startups that are born from the problems of this industry. This is especially happening in Amsterdam where Renoon was also born.
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Iris Skrami is the co-founder and CEO of Renoon, the smartest tool to find sustainable clothing from multiple websites at once. She is listed in the Forbes Under 30 Italy 2021, being born and raised in Milan. Started her career at NIKE and PVH in Amsterdam. In less than a year from its foundation, Renoon has been recognized internationally as top10 startup by FemaleFounders and Startupbootcamp, as well as received investments from industry veterans like the ex CIO Gucci, CTO of Yoox, CFO Moleskine and ex MD Spotify Southern EU. In 2020 Iris was one of the top70 pioneers of the new world according to Sifted (Financial Times).

Renoon https://renoon.com/

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/iris-skrami/

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