Episode 38 – Idioms of Normality hosted by Dr. Paul H. Mason

Episode 38 - Idioms of Normality hosted by Dr. Paul H. Mason

Does the “normal” body exist?

Challenging images of normality.

This is podcast episode 38 of Idioms of Normality. A series hosted by Dr. Paul Mason for #futureframedTV, the collective podcast of Traces&Dreams.

Is there a normal? Amanda Thorson reflects upon her own professional experiences as a photographer and her personal experiences of becoming a mother in this episode of Idioms of Normality hosted by Dr Paul Mason. Amanda discusses the cultural imperatives that burden the female body. In her photographic work, she strives to embrace the diversity of the human form. Her latest work is a book called, “There is no normal”, which attempts to popularise experiences of womanhood that are often excluded from mainstream media. Challenging images of normality in this way isn’t simply visual pursuit, but rather an endeavour to reframe how women experience, understand, and enjoy their bodies.

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