Episode 6 – Innovation from the Global South

#6 - How do we reach patients in remote areas? How can we have equal healthcare access across the Globe?

How do we reach patients in remote areas? What does it mean to start a start-up in a developing country? How can we have equal healthcare access across the Globe?

In this podcast episode number 6, Almas speaks with Dr.Leyla Taghizade, Founder of NewSpace Business Accelerator & Open Innovation and co-founder of Reseptron, a mobile health application to connect underserved patients with medical organizations in #Azerbaijan.

Leyla holds a Ph.D. in Healthcare Management from the State Institute for Advanced Education of Physicians and a Medical Diploma from Azerbaijan Medical University with 10+ years of experience as a CEO of the private clinic. Leyla is the co-founder of the Reseptron mobile telehealth application for patients in remote areas to enhance patient’s access to medical services. She is a member of AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science ) since 2016 and an alumna (2014) of the SABIT Program by the U.S. Department of State. She is the holder of “Female Founder Fellowship from the Founder Institute which is a Silicon Valley-based acceleration program for tech startups. Since December 2017 she is a regional reviewer and mentor at the Gist-TECH -I competition with the graduate mentees in the ForbesU30 list. As a mother of three daughters, she believes that supporting women and girls in tech can help to build a more sustainable economy. Currently, she’s involved with ICESCO Accelerator as a part of NewSpace Open Innovation.

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