Episode 9 – Innovation from the Global South

#9 - Building a new way of taking care of health

What do we need to disrupt and improve the health system?

In this podcast episode number 9, Almas speaks with the founders of Ana Health, a Brazilian start-up that wants to change the health system! Almas speaks with the inspirational founders, Vinicius Molina Garcia (“My purpose is to develop technologies that save lives”), Víctor Macul (“Building a new way of taking care of health”), and Olívio Souza Neto (“We are not a health plan. We are a new way to take care of you!”)

“We are a digital health service focused on preventive, predictive, proactive, and personalized medicine.

With our plan, you have a healthcare team to call your own. Affordable professionals, who accompany you in an individualized, integral way and for a lifetime!

We are not a health plan.
We are a new way to take care of you!” https://www.anahealth.app/

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