Orakanoke Phanraksa

A change-maker with a passion for people

When great ideas come to pass, researchers always find that there is an entire path to take that goes beyond discovery, and that is where Orakanoke Phanraksa and her team of Intellectual Property experts come in. Working with the National Science and Technology Development Agency in Thailand, Orakanoke is a member of the Intellectual Property Policy group, overseeing the creation of patents and the development of this field.

IP procedures are a major part of the scientific process, often overlooked until the time to file a patent comes. As co-chair of the Global Young Academy, Orakanoke works tirelessly to introduce Intellectual Property education to new professionals in the scientific field, opening new opportunities for both business and academy.

As a strong representative of the Asian scientific community in the GYA, Orakanoke aims to inject the values of her culture to the realm of interdisciplinary projects and increase the presence and value of IP concepts and applications in both researchers and Thai citizens.

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