History and outsiders (Pavel Himl)

History and outsiders
Associate professor of history

We all learned about history at school, but what do we actually know about history? It’s common for us to know a lot about the rulers of the past, wars, and other important historical figures. But what do we know about the common people? And what do we know about the groups among the common people who weren’t so popular among the majority of the population? What about homosexuals, gypsies, and vagabonds? Himl’s areas of study are those forgotten groups. By studying these “outsiders”, Pavel wants to recreate the views and self-perceptions of these people, and give us an insight into their lives.

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Learn more about Pavel's work:
http://pavelhiml.cz antropologie.fhs.cuni.cz
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facebook.com/pavel.himl twitter.com/PavelHiml


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