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World Sustainable Development Forum
A global forum for sustainable development
The global economy, which seems to have recovered fully from the recession that sharply reduced economic growth throughout the world in 2008, is now exhibiting robust growth in Gross National Product (GNP). But, there are several challenges ahead, including a possible reversal of globalisation through narrow protectionism. However, the greatest challenge is not economic but ecological in nature and relates to the urgent need for addressing the growing threat of climate change, widespread loss of biodiversity and extinction of species, damage to the earth’s ecosystems and large-scale acidification and pollution of the oceans. Clearly, the solution does not lie only in the many agreements signed under the United Nations, but in concerted actions to be undertaken by Governments at all levels as well as by civil society, academic and research institutions, and most importantly, by business organisations.

WSDF would provide a vibrant platform for bringing all stakeholders together to move away from patterns of economic growth which ignore the damage and destruction to our planet as a consequence of current patterns of production and consumption.

1Introducing the World Sustainable Development Forum:
Few would disagree that there’s growing evidence showing the terrible impact of climate change on our planet, but what exactly is being done about it?
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