Episode 10 of Sustainability@work

Re-imagining the spaces we live in. How do landscapes and design impact our lives?

Re-imagining the spaces we live in. How do landscapes and design impact our lives? This is only important if you enjoy beautiful landscapes.

Podcast Episode #10 of Sustainability@Work. A traces&dreams podcast hosted by Samara Croci.

Today’s guest is John Goldwyn, Senior Vice President and Director of Planning & Landscape at WATG, a destination, and hospitality design firm.

With him, we will talk about the work of WATG with customers all around the world and how the concept of sustainability can be different for different entities and in different countries. We will also take the example of the Green Block campaign with three animated GIF that reimagine iconic places in London, New York and Honolulu and that are great examples of reimagining and showing sustainable design solutions for spaces and make them real through visualization.

We will also talk about the power of good landscape design with some examples of real projects for hotels and for cities. We will talk about the tricky balancing of aesthetics and functionality and about the profession of landscape design and planning and the potential for change and solutions it offers for the future with green recovery plans and the need to find solutions that are good for the environment and for communities.

This is a great episode and we learned a lot and we hope you will enjoy it too.

Here is some information about our guest:

John Goldwyn leads the planning and landscape design studio in WATG’s London office and brings a broad variety of global project experience to the team.
His design responds first to the place and the site – looking for the stories in the land. He is committed to finding sustainable solutions for clients that balance economic, social, and environmental factors. John believes that the commercial success of any project is directly related to its design content.
John’s experience with WATG spans more than fifteen years and encompasses master planning efforts throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Recent projects include the planning and detailed design of numerous hotels and resorts in Turkey; strategic planning for a major new city on the Caspian Coast of Russia and a 1,000-hectare mountain destination golf and ski resort in Kazakhstan.

About WATG: https://www.watg.com/
Green Block Campaign: https://www.watg.com/tag/green-block/

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