Episode 9 of Sustainability@work

Educating the public about climate change through moms and why communication is critical to tackling the climate crisis

Educating the public about climate change through moms and why communication is critical to tackling the climate crisis. This is only important if you know a mom or if you are one.

Podcast Episode #9 of Sustainability@Work. A podcast hosted by Samara Croci.

Today’s guest at Sustainability@Work is Anne-Marie Kline, Chief Campaign Officer at Potential Energy for the Science Moms project.

Anne-Marie works for a no-profit startup agency called Potential Energy that wants to use the power of creativity and marketing to motivate urgent, collective action on climate change. Their latest and very successful campaign is called Science Moms and is all built around scientist moms explaining and sharing the science of climate change in a digestible, memorable and funny way to other moms.

So with Anne-Marie we will talk about the Science Moms campaigns and what are the secret weapons of its great success. But we will also talk about the experience of Potential Energy in communicating climate change and the power of new audiences, language, and positive conversations to engage more and more people.

Here is some information about our guest

Marketing disruptor for twenty-five years across diverse categories including travel, luxury beauty, automotive, CPG, and specialty consumer electronics.

Designed and executed marketing transformation that led to the successful exit for Living Proof to Unilever. As well as nearly doubling sales and awareness during tenure in an increasingly competitive beauty market.

Grew businesses for clients while on the agency side at both Digitas and Arnold. Acted as an entrepreneur in productizing service, process, and tech stack driving incremental revenue for Digitas.

Core competencies include innovative brand strategy and management; digital strategy development inclusive of influencers, social media, affiliate marketing, search, display; content marketing; partnerships and strategic alliances; and brand purpose and development of social responsibility.

About potential Energy: http://www.potentialenergycoalition.org/
Science Moms campaign: https://sciencemoms.com/

And here are some good suggestions from her on how to dive deeper into the topic:

Resources to talk about climate change with kids: https://sciencemoms.com/resources/
Great video from the campaign (By the time….later is too late): https://sciencemoms.com/our-message/

Learn more about our approach to climate change marketing from this TedTalk by John Marshall, former Chief Strategy Officer at the creative consultancy Lippincott, and Dan Schrag, Director of the Harvard Center for the Environment. https://www.ted.com/talks/john_marshall_3_strategies_for_effectively_talking_about_climate_change

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