Episode 5 of Sustainability@work

Ocean Blindness and a Journey from Waste to Wear

Let’s talk about ocean blindness today! This is only important if you want to have an impact. Healthy seas, healthy life. The power of NGO-corporate partnerships.

Episode #5 of Sustainability@work. A podcast hosted by Samara Croci.

Today’s guest at Sustainability@Work is Veronika Mikos of the Healthy Seas initiative, a journey from waste to wear.

Samara has known Veronika for some years now and she has shared her journey with Healthy Seas at the beginning because the company she works for is one of the founders of this initiative.
Healthy Seas is an amazing example of partnerships between NGOs and the corporate world to address problems that each, individually, would not be able to tackle.

But as all partnerships between entities that are different and might have diverse approaches and mindsets, collaborations like this can be challenging. So what is the perfect recipe to work together for a common goal?

Samara and Veronika talk about this and about other amazing projects that Healthy Seas is doing and how they are managing to balance activities in conservation, clean-up, education, prevention, and promotion with corporate partners.

Find out more about the project here!

You can also donate independently https://www.healthyseas.org/donate/ or help in other ways https://www.healthyseas.org/ways-to-help/.

Here you can read about the Santorini mission with Pierre-Yves Cousteau and the live diving activity they did and the document that was created from that footage and more.
Here you can read about the Perseus cleaning activity and see the before/after picture. https://www.healthyseas.org/2020/07/28/our-main-event-in-kefalonia-greece-and-the-hms-perseus/
One example of school activities to create awareness among the new generations.

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