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Resilient cities

Resilient cities.This is only important if you live in a city. Today’s guest at Sustainability@Work is Piero Pelizzaro, Chief Resilience Officer of the Municipality of Milan, Italy. Piero has 10 years of experience in climate change policies and urban resilience planning.

Podcast episode #6 of Sustainability@Work. A podcast hosted by Samara Croci.

He is a big fan of the concept of resiliency and starts by explaining what it is and why he prefers it to the term sustainability.

We then discuss what it means to be a chief resilience officer for a big city and what are the challenges and strategies of his team.

In the 21st century, cities will increasingly be the frame through which we will understand and shape our economies, policies, and cultural trends.

Today it’s estimated that urban areas are responsible for 75% of greenhouse gas emissions and by 2050 70% of the world’s population will live in them.

All these factors make them a powerful agent of change for communities, countries, and also businesses operating in them.

Let’s discover more with Piero. Enjoy!

Here is some information about our guest

Piero has 10 years of experience in climate change policies and urban resilience planning.
Currently, he is the Milan Chief Resilience Officer and the City Lead for the H2020 Lighthouse project Sharing Cities at the Municipality of Milan. He is an advisor of the Italian Ministry of Environment Land and Sea on Urban Adaptation Policy to Climate Change.

Piero is also a member of the European Commission Mayors Adapt Practitioners Work Group and a Member of FiRe 2016 Implementation Working Group at Climate Policy Initiative. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the EU FP7 Ramses Project that aims to structure a cost\benefit analysis methodology for Urban Adaptation Plans.

He further specialized in Urban Resilience, Environmental Economic Accounting, Energy Scenario, and Climate Change Impact Models through his working experience at the Stockholm Environment Institute – Tallinn Office.

In past years he collaborated with EU MP, Umberto Guidoni.

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