Episode 7 of Sustainability@work

The travel industry declares a climate emergency

The travel industry declares a climate emergency! This is only important if you like traveling. Today’s podcast guest at Sustainability@Work is Kasia Morgan, Head of Sustainability and Community at UK-based tour operator Exodus Travels Ltd.

Podcast Episode #7 of Sustainability@Work. A podcast hosted by Samara Croci.

Samara is talking about the tourism sector, how it’s under scrutiny for its carbon emissions and impacts on communities and how the industry was hit hard during the pandemic.

Exodus travel is one of the first tour operators that in 2020 declared a climate emergency and took the opportunity of the pause of COVID 19 to calculate and reconsider their impacts and operations.

Kasia will share some of the projects they have in place and how they are implementing them within the company and with their customers.

The sustainability projects they created are not only focused on carbon emissions but also on communities, biodiversity, and conservation and use science-based measurements to evaluate the impacts.

Hopefully, more and more tour operators will follow in their footsteps.

Here is some information about our guest:

Kasia is Head of Sustainability and Community at Exodus Travels. Joining the Exodus team two years ago, her remit has included establishing the new Exodus Travels Foundation and designing Exodus’ People, Places and Planet plan – a sustainability strategy to measure and improve the environmental and social impact of Exodus’ trips. Prior to entering the travel sector, Kasia started her career in advertising, followed by work in both international development and cross-sector corporate sustainability. She is a passionate advocate for travel’s potential to drive transformative social and environmental change and is part of the voluntary team leading the Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency movement.

Exodus travel: https://www.exodustravels.com/

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