Inequalities2 #6

Inequalities2 #6

A north-south story – can we stop the global trade of looted cultural object?

In today’s episode, Alice speaks with Daniel Salinas Córdoba, a historian, and archeologist specializing in cultural heritage.
They talk about the problems relating to international trade, or trafficking, of historical artifacts and what needs to be done to improve the (complex) situation.

He is the author of “Guiding heritage. Representations of Mexico’s national heritage in tourist guidebooks, 1920-1994.


“RMA thesis, Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University. The present thesis explores the relationship between heritage, tourism, and the nation. It aims to contribute to the understanding of how the promotion of tourism in Mexico by state and private actors created, negotiated or displayed notions of heritage throughout the twentieth century and how these notions changed and evolved over time. Following a case study of the depiction of cultural elements of the Mexican state of Morelos in tourist guidebooks of the twentieth century, a sample of 12 guidebooks published between the 1920s and the 1990s was analyzed. The content analysis carried out looked for the images, narratives and discourses that the guidebooks presented of the archaeological sites, historical buildings, traditions and other cultural elements of Morelos.”

“In my own work and research, I’m interested in exploring the relationships between heritage, nationalism, and tourism, as well as the illicit traffic of archaeological artifacts and cultural restitution.” Daniel Salinas Córdova

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