Inequalities2 #7

Inequalities2 #7

Dr. Victoria Fernandes, Geomorphology

In this episode, Alice speaks with Dr. Victoria Fernandes, a Geoscientist from GFZ Potsdam in Germany and specialist in Geomorphology, about her work on estimating the effects of climate change on river beds (erosion rates), and what they might be able to tell us about our future, i.e. the effects of climate change for landscapes and consequently, us (and all species).

“I am a Postdoctoral Researcher at GFZ Potsdam. My work focuses on integrating geological observations with quantitative geophysical and geomorphological models. Specifically, my research encompasses complementary avenues: (1) Extricating past vertical motions from the stratigraphic record using novel data and analysis of global datasets; and (2) Understanding how different geological processes shape Earth’s surface by integrating geological information with modeling approaches that quantify surface process interactions with climate and tectonics.

With a focus on Southern Patagonia, my current research combines low-temperature thermochronology with cosmogenic nuclide dating to investigate how the impacts of climate change in glacial regions are translated downstream into fluvial channels and depositional sinks. Additionally, I aim to gain insight into the role of climate change, tectonics and geodynamics on the topographic evolution of Patagonia. My project is part of the ERC GyroSCoPe Project, aimed at better understanding how periodic changes in climate affect Earth-surface processes.”

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