Islanders: Many Islands – One Community

Many islands – One community is coordinated by Traces&Dreams AB, which cooperates with youth organizations in Estonia, Greece, Malta and Portugal that are based on an island.

It will involve 60-80 participants aged between 15-25, with the aim of using storytelling as a way to develop young people’s creative, social and digital skills in while promoting inclusion and sustainability at a range of levels – environmental, cultural, societal and European.

Activities include:
– training of youth workers, online and in Greece (9 months);
– development and implementation of a course for young people through local labs, an online pilot course and a transnational LTTA in Brussels (14 months);
– creation of a digital platform for education, for an ongoing community and for disseminating participants’ insights (24 months);
– dissemination of results (18 months). It is intended as a transferable and developable model at the European level.

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