“I think we all have a little bit of that beautiful madness
that keeps us walking when everything
around us is so insanely sane.”
— Julio Cortázar

Traces&Dreams is a place where everybody who is curious about the past, passionate about the present, and committed to the future comes to be inspired, heard, challenged and changed. This is a place for dreamers and doers, for everyone who has ever imagined a better future, and for all who dare to work for it (and keep believing it will become a reality).

We believe that the stories we listen to and the stories we tell shape us and the tomorrow we create. Our collective imagination is forged through shared narratives and the key to changing the future for the better is in the stories we shape and the bridges we build today.

At Traces&Dreams, we don’t believe in ‘us’ or ‘them’; we simply believe in driving discovery forward, moving boldly into the unknown, and using our common humanity to create a vibrant and co-operative future in which everyone has an equal share. We are curators of stories, and we invite you to share in our information revolution and join our global, cross-border conversation.

We create a space for thinkers, dreamers and doers to listen to new stories, communicate ideas and gain the skills to navigate our complex and divided world. We believe that to imagine a shared and sustainable tomorrow, we must nurture the ability to connect the dots and think holistically.

We believe in the power of conversations beyond tribes. An inclusive approach is needed to navigate the future, and a vision beyond disciplines allows us to resist polarisation, break down barriers and create new forms of collective understanding.

A holistic perspective at the core of our human experience: the past, the present and the future. The traces we follow, the dream we chase, the dream we dare, the traces we leave.

You can learn with us to embrace, curate and navigate complexity.

In a world of storytellers, we create a world of story-listeners
In a world of round-the-clock news, we believe in slow content
In a world divided by walls, we build bridges
In a world of knee-jerk answers, we encourage open questions
In a world that values certainty, we embrace curiosity
In a world of superficial contacts, we champion deep connections
In a world of impenetrable knowledge, we foster accessibility
In a world consumed by dominant narratives, we nurture a multiplicity of voices

Our purpose is to:
– harness the power of narrative to imagine and create a new future
– make knowledge and wisdom from academia accessible to a broader audience
– nurture dialogues, imagination and understanding beyond borders and disciplines
– enable holistic thinking, empathetic dialogues and systematic questioning
– encourage new ways of imagining the future by embracing different perspectives

“there is an increasing recognition by a range of sectors and disciplines that narratives are the bedrock to creating long lasting positive change in our societies, and that harmful narratives need to be recognised, unpicked and rewired.” Caroline Cassidy

We aim to share and develop the skills necessary to understand the stories that we tell about ourselves and create new narratives for the future.


This is our video and audio dissemination platform. Join us to understand the trends of the present and imagine the possibilities of the future.

Blog & News

This is the realm of the written word and curated content.


Education can and will change the world. Learn with us to think outside your tribe / see new possibilities for our future, and develop the skills to tell your story and reimagine our futures. We believe not only that the world needs new narratives but that narrative and storytelling literacy are key to imagine and develop a more equal and sustainable society. Our purpose is to democratize narrative and the imagination about the future.


Helping individuals and organizations to tell and share their stories, through videos and podcasts.

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