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We host channels about different organizations, universities, and research projects and, in our collective podcast, we bring you some newest conversations from researchers, innovators and change-makers beyond disciplinary boundaries focusing on the big and small steps in knowledge and the big and small challenges facing our world. Global challenges need global perspectives.
Insights from leading thinkers allow us together to gain a deeper understanding of trends in the present and to reimagine equal and sustainable futures.

Mobile storytelling

Knowledge sharing at your fingertips. Your mobile device is a powerful content creation machine and social media gives up powerful platforms for content dissemination. Learn with us how to use this power.

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The stories we are

The stories we share, the stories we listen to, shape us and the future we create. How are humans are storytelling animals? How do stories shape us and our realities? This is an invitation to journey with us into the heart of storytelling.

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What is normal?

What is normal? How does normality impact our lives? What would the world look like if we took seriously the idea that normality is not real? These are the questions that Paul Mason ask in his podcast and would like to discuss with you.

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" There is no stronger power than our dreams and our hopes."   - Nerina Finetto

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